Appraisal and Umpire Services

Our experienced Appraisers and Umpires are ready to assist you through the Claim Resolution Process:

Expert Claim Handling

  • Our appraisers and umpires are experienced in working with contractors, public adjusters, and opposing appraisers.Photo of handshake of business partners after striking deal
  • On‐site inspections and damage assessment with all parties involved.
  • Thorough documentation of the appraisal activity and weekly status updates.
  • Line by Line comparison of the disputed estimates to review discrepancies.

Expert Estimates

  • Expert estimates to compare pricing and scope of work using appropriate estimating techniques specific to each situation.
  • Expert documentation of the inspection and discrepancies in the bid estimates.
  • Local networks with reliable/accurate tradesmen and contractors.
  • Local network of Contracting Services including Engineering Services.
  • On‐site inspections with Contractors or Engineers.

Umpire Procurement

  • Allow each party a reasonable opportunity to explain and document their case.
  • Comply with the rules of “natural justice”.
  • To adopt procedures suitable to the circumstances of the particular case.
  • To provide a fair means for resolution of the dispute.
  • We require all umpires to act fairly and impartially between the parties!

Re-Inspection Services:

  • Contact: We make immediate contact with the policy holder and/or contractor.
  • Inspections: We make every effort to complete inspections in a timely manner. We work with the policy holder or contractor during the inspection to re-visit damages and address any concerns.
  • Estimates and Reporting: We provide you with a thorough and independent evaluation of the loss. We are capable of adapting to your specific guidelines for estimating and reporting standards.
  • Alternate Bids: We have industry contacts in our areas on hand that can provide alternate estimates that are fair market value based on today’s standards.
  • Expert Procurement: We can assist you in hiring experts in our coverage areas that are fair and experienced in the proper loss type, including engineers, accountants and contractors.
  • Resolution: We work with policy holders and insureds to find a solution for issues that arise in estimating differences between the insurance carrier and the contractor.


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